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“One of America’s major literary voices.”

     —Publishers Weekly


“A distinguished American man of letters.”

     —The Independent (UK)


"Morrow's assiduous probing of the intricacies of moral choice hit us where we live—or ought to live."
The New York Times Book Review

“Morrow's prose is lush and eccentric and beautiful.”

     —Corey Doctorow,


“Morrow…elicits frissons with gossamer descriptions of still moments that will have some readers drawing a sharp breath, as if they've heard a strange noise in the house.”

     —The Washington Post

“A profoundly American novelist.”

     —The Miami Herald

SELECTED ARTICLES & INTERVIEWS, interviewed (audio) by David Wilk

March 17, 2014, interviewed by Edie Meidav
January 27, 2012, interviewed by Susan Tepper about The Uninnocent
January 4, 2012, interviewed by Stephen O’Connor 
December 6, 2011 


Publishers Weekly, “Bradford Morrow: Not Afraid of the Dark,” by Jessamine Chan

November 4, 2011, interviewed by Jedediah Berry about The Diviner’s Tale 
February 2011 The Diviner’s Tale, by John Madiera 
February 22, 2011 


“7 Questions With… Bradford Morrow” 
January 2011 


NPR, All Things Considered. Interview about Ariel’s Crossing


“A Conversation with Bradford Morrow,” by Patrick McGrath, from The Review of Contemporary Fiction 20 (1)
Spring 2000 


KCRW/”Bookworm” interviewed by Michael Silverblatt about Trinity Fields 
June 12, 1995


KCRW/"Bookworm" interviewed by Michael Silverblatt about The Almanac Branch, Los Angeles
October 22, 1993

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