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Podcast: "In Praise of Forgeries"

Free Library of Philadelphia

Q&A with Bradford Morrow

on The Forger's Daughter

Q&A with Bradford Morrow

Book Culture, Fall 2015

Interview with Bradford Morrow

by Andrew Ervin, Hobart, February 2011

Interview with Bradford Morrow, 2011

Interview with Bradford Morrow

by Patrick McGrath, Review of Contemporary Fiction, Spring 2000

A Dialogue between Richard Powers and Bradford Morrow

Conjunctions, Spring 2000

Interview with Bradford Morrow

by Ron Hogan, "A Gift to Literature." 1997

Interview with Bradford Morrow

by Jim Lewis, Bomb, Spring 1995

Interview with Bradford Morrow

by Don Swaim, June 1991 (audio)



Interview with Joanna Scott, novelist

Conjunctions:34, Fall 2000

Interview with Gregory Crewdson, photographer

Bomb, Fall 1997

Interview with Chinua Achebe, novelist

Conjunctions:17, Fall 1991

Interview with Robert Kelly, poet

Conjunctions:13, Spring 1989

Interview with John Hawkes, novelist

Conjunctions:12, Fall 1988

Interview with William H Gass, novelist & essayist

Conjunctions:4, Spring 1983

Interview with James Purdy, novelist

Conjunctions:3, Fall 1982

Interview with Kenneth Rexroth, poet & translator

Conjunctions:1, Fall 1981

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