A Buzz Books Pick Fall/Winter 2017

"A treasure of a novel. I read The Prague Sonata with marvel and gusto. Such a deliciously enveloping musical mystery!  Heartiest congratulations on a virtuoso performance."

—Diane Ackerman, The Zookeeper's Wife

"Bradford Morrow is an astonishing writer. His short fictions are brilliantly macabre, and his longer fictions are epic adventures in which obsessive particularities—in this case the provenance of a piano sonata presumed to be of the late 18th century—transform entire lives in the most unexpected and remarkable ways. Having explored the netherworld of ingenious fakery in The Forgers, Morrow now explores an even more intricately rendered world of rivalrous musicologists in his most ambitious novel to date, The Prague Sonata."

—Joyce Carol Oates, A Book of American Martyrs


"This rich, masterful novel brilliantly explores the complex tumble of history, the human capacity for good and evil, the fragile but redeeming glory of art. Morrow has long been one of America's finest novelists. And this humanely epic tale is his finest book.

—Robert Olen Butler, Perfume River

"Bradford Morrow is remarkable. The Real Thing, which is rare on this earthly plane."

—Michael Cunningham, The Hours,on The Forgers