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When his father passes away in the prime of his life, Liam Everett knows something foul is afoot. The reverend’s slip down the basement staircase of the church was deemed an accident, but the man knew those steps better than the back of his hand, and his son is sure he would never have been so careless and clumsy.


But with everyone happy to accept Reverend Everett’s death as a mishap, Liam is left to find solace through the legacy his father left behind: sixty-three antique bibles. However, it seems there was more to the reverend in life—and death—than there appeared to be. Soon Liam is surrounded by a collection of priceless books larger than he could ever have imagined, and the more he reads, the more shady characters he finds at his door. . . .


Morrow's first bibliomystery delves into a world of rare books rarely seen, in which an unholy collective of corrupt librarians, ministers, and detectives, among others, meet unforeseen fates of their bibliomania and greed.

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