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“Dynamically creative writers and editors Shields and Morrow invited twenty exceptional kindred spirits to consider the question of what death is and how it affects life, and the result is a remarkably accomplished and buoyantly provocative anthology.”



“When editors Shields and Morrow approached twenty writers with the idea for this anthology, their requirements were simple: address the subject of death and ‘speak about the unspeakable.’ What resulted is a collection of extraordinary essays…. Often poetic and at times funny or gruesome while exposing raw grief, the writers…tackle the subject of death with honesty and courage.”

—Publishers Weekly


"Either because of the seriousness of the subject, or because of the acumen of the editors, these essays make for a singularly powerful, substantial, and thoughtful collection.  A celebration of good writing, under the auspices of the grim reaper."

—Phillip Lopate

"Starred Review. A wonderfully speculative patchwork quilt on the meaning of life and death."

Kirkus Reviews

"[T]he late David Foster Wallace: 'I strongly suspect a big part of [a writer's] job is to aggravate [the] sense of entrapment and loneliness and death in people...' It's a tall order, and these excellent essays fill it. [A] thought-provoking anthology."

Lisa Shea, Elle Magazine



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