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“Everything from Central American conflict to eugenics, from pre-Socratic cosmology to movie musicals is transfigured and woven in this dense, lush, politically wicked aria.... Brilliantly imagined, sensuously observed, Bradford Morrow’s Come Sunday is a stunning accomplishment and a rare treat.” 

—David Foster Wallace


Come Sunday resists classification. There are affinities with Kafka and with Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. This is far from the usual semi-autobiographical first novel, groping for meaning and identity, though there are profound insights into identity and the ultimate impasse of control and authority. Morrow draws on an astonishingly wide knowledge and experience of people, places, and history, and puts a rich command of language at the service of his lapidary and mysterious plot. A very engrossing story.”

—William S. Burroughs


"Bradford Morrow's long-awaited Come Sunday is a sprawling, rich, innovative, panoramic novel whose themes, characters and subplots appear to have been limned by a brush dipped in rainbow."

—Columbus Dispatch


"Morrow's first novel is a tour de force of narrative inventiveness."

—Philadelphia Magazine


"Magical...has the fantasy and grace of a short story by Borges or a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez."

—Providence Sunday Journal


“Bradford Morrow dares all in a novel that ranges across five centuries and three continents, speaks a half-dozen languages, draws upon numerous fields of knowledge, and manages to tell dozens of tall tales to boot...Would that all first novelists had Morrow’s learning, range, and daring.”

—The Review of Contemporary Fiction


Come Sunday is a brilliantly written work of political and mythical grandeur, an important first novel.”

—John Hawkes


“A ferociously impressive first novel, risky and ambitious and conversant with a hundred human dialects. Morrow knows that fiction, like sex, is friction, and he’s fearless as to the number and nature of the sticks he rubs together. I’m sure that writing Come Sunday was a real adventure of the soul for him, for it is precisely that for the reader.”

—Peter Straub


“A remarkable first novel, one with the range of the plains and the energy of a tornado... In the All-American tradition of John Barth and Thomas Pynchon, Come Sunday is the most appropriate kind of historical novel: one that challenges received history, left and right.”

—The News and Observer


“Exciting, passionate, committed, compelling: this is a knockout of a book.”

—Harry Mathews


Come Sunday traces a bold, darkly funny path right to the heart of certain peculiarly American visions...a commanding debut.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer


“If only every American first novelist wrote this well and had an imagination so strong. Morrow writes with mellow density and austere finesse. The central situation is both dramatic and exotic, as hard to resist as to exhaust. I was captivated by the sheer display of mind and nourished by the virtuoso style. He deserves applause for this audacious debut.”

—Paul West


“Jolts your senses like Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow. Read it, and keep your machete sharp.”

—The Village Voice

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